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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  March 22, 2012 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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more rights of the kid's table. >> thank you brett, and thanks to you for wawawawawawawawawawawawawawa >> welcome to the "the young turks." we've got development in the trayvon martin case. >> the back entrance. >> and are you ready for this? glenn beck's website defends the short and smears the victim. it's unbelievable. and the g.o.p. very believable, defense corporation. >> the corporations are people, my friends if we can raise taxes--of course they are. everything corporations do go to people. >> in the meantime we'll tell you how some of those corporations are totally ripping us off. we've got the numbers to prove it. plus the republicans have a new attack back. it's called she-pac.
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they claim president obama is against women. we'll attack that pac fast. it goes on. ♪ >> all right now we have developments in the trayvon martin case. the 17-year-old african-american teenager who was shot by george zimmerman in sanford florida. now there are support movements throughout the country new york, orlando that are backing him up. there are a million hoodie march happening in new york because zimmerman said he was suspicious because he was wearing a hoodie. if other people who are not african-american americans are wearing hoodies they don't seem as dangerous. we're talking to one of the people organizing that at the end of the show. hang in for that. also important developments in the case. the cops are admitting hey you
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know what, maybe we overlooked that racial insult in the 911 call. of course you overlooked it. we talked about that on yesterday's show. also calls for the police chief's resignation, which we call for two weeks ago. and the "stand your ground "law is being reviewed. people are saying, does that make sense given how it's applied in florida. and there is the character assassination of trayvon martin by conservatives. it's unreal. what is infuriating to me is how much people are questioning whether this is about race at all. we'relet's watch. >> let me read you something that the department of justice said on the condition of anonymity. while the investigation of shooting of 17-year-old trayvon martin would go forward, it would be difficult to process the kate under federal law. civil rights laws protects
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against hate crimes or actions by police officers, but martin's shooting may not have either of those elements. >> it's simple. he needs to be arrested, prosecuted and arrested. it's crazy that this family has to wait for the grand jury and stuff when it was the other way around they would have arrested their son on the spot. >> only two people know what happened that night. and your son cannot tell his story. do you think in a court of law it will be tough to convince a jury of the guilt of mr. zimmerman beyond a reasonable doubt. >> there are other witnesses and i want them to take a look at the evidence that they have. i just heard and my heart hurts because this guy has not been arrested. >> you know, what strikes me crazy is the assumption if someone didn't directly didn't see it or several people didn't
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directly see it, it will be hard to prove no. there are so many witness who is overheard it. there was a person on the upon with trayvon martin when it was happening. there was the 911 call with the racial insult and the 911 call with the police dispatcher telling him not to go after him. what's so hard to prove? it's not a hard case to prove at all. i think they're trying to create an issue here. i guess partly because the police are on one side, and i guess people are afraid of calling the police what they are, which is at best incompetent, and in reality grossly racist. and those police in sanford admitted to "abc news," oh, oops, it looks like we missed the racial insult on the 911 tapes. >> what entrance is he heading towards. >> the back entrance [bleep] >> are you following him?
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>> yeah. >> we don't need you to do that. >> he used a curse word and then a racial insult. some conservatives are saying, did he say it really? did he say "coon"? maybe he said punks? yeah expect we showed you the unedited tapes. he didn't say punks. he said it as clear as day. there are other organizations outraged last night. naacp president said this. >> tototo allow this to happen. [cheering] >> so should this police chief in sanford go? unquestionably. this has been the worse-conducted investigation i've seen in a long, long time. now it only gets worse.
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conservatives step together defense of the shooter. glenn beck's website had a blaze from holts i don't know if that is his real name or not. he defends the shooter. he said, the audio weakens the racism charge. how in the world does it weaken the racism charge? i mean, it's unreal he could say that. then he says, there had been reportedly been suspicious activity in the neighborhood. yes, zimmerman called 911 46 times. that guy is a lunatic. he thinks suspicious activity the minute he sees a black guy. now you're going to use that suspicious activity in the neighborhood. zimmerman must have been right. then he continues in a second call one of the zimmerman's neighbors says the guy's yelling help without identifying which guy has been yelling. how about all the witnesses saying we heard the teenager
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crying for help. no no, i couldn't tell who was yelling, if it was the black teenager or the guy who shot him. i couldn't tell. they continue, well, the work of an overzealous vigilante. though still probably not an illegal act. now that's the second time in the article he emphasized, please, of course, it's not illegal. when you shoot african-american kids, of course it's not illegal, right? just a little overzealous. a little overzealous when you shoot someone in the chest. then it gets worse. he says, he had been suspended from school. o they got him. they got him. he was suspended from school. he says, but what exactly was he suspended for in the first place place. here comes the smear. the kid not only was suspended from school. i was suspended from school. what does that prove? he then lists all the things he could have possibly theoretically been suspended for and has a two-page list of all
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these smears of the possible things that trayvon martin might have done. just to give you some of them. breaking and entering, burglary, bullying, possession of simulated weapons sexual harassment, grand theft, hate crimes aggravated assault arm armed robbery arson sexual battery. why put this whole list up there, and say who knows maybe he was charged with sexual battery. he had it coming. h whatats s e int t t tsist? eoint is tomeme t t poooorr de de kid kidndheayay ion kn, can we blame the shooter? look at all the things he might have gotten suspended for. by the way in homicide you don't get suspended. you get put in jail, unless your name is george zimmerman. now i'll bring in an expert. president of the southern poverty law center, and he has dealt with rate crimes before. richard, first obvious question, do you think this is a hate crime?
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>> well, it very well may be. a hate crime is defined when you choose the victim based on his or her race ethnicity or the like. the evidence that we've seen so far certainly makes that a circumstantial case that mr. zimmerman targeted trayvon martin because of his race. >> so you know, everybody on television--i shouldn't say everybody--almost everybody on television is coming in with kids gloves, well, it could be either way. i'm not quite sure. to me it was obvious from the first day. if you had a black guy shoot a white teenager dead, would we be having a conversation about oh, well the white guy had skittles in his pocket, maybe he was dangerous. i'm not quite sure about the case. then on top of that you add the 911 tapes with the racial
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insults. why is this not an open-shut case in terms of this being a hate crime. >> you're absolutely right. at the very least it's a horrific double standard. george zimmerman says that trayvon martin is up to no good because of the way he's dressed and his race. the police say george zimmerman acted in self defense because he was targeting a black kid. so a tremendous double standard here i think is obvious. the rate hate crime thing is a matter of proof. it's something ultimately determined in the court of law. i want to say it's obvious and i want to say there is circumstantial evidence pointing in that direction. >> in order for the feds to get involved there has to be civil rights issues, and the federal investigators keep saying over and over again it's such a hard standard to prove.
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you know, it has to meet a lot of thresholds, etc., etc. given other cases whether it was the rodney king cops or other cases that have been in this field that you're aware of, where does this rank with other cases, and does there seem to be enough for it to be a federal case? >> i certainly think it's enough for the federal government to take a look at it. under the shepherd bird hate crime law there are only three things you have to do. first, the attorney general has to certify that it's a case where the federal government has substantial interest. second, there has to be a situation where the victim was chosen on the basis of his race or ethnicity or the like. third, there has to be the use of a firearm. so we certainly have the use of a firearm. we certainly have a case where there is a tremendous national interest in the federal government getting involved. so the real issue, of course, is whether the federal prosecutors
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feel there is enough evidence to charge it as as a hate crime. >> well, my mind is made up on that and it's not because of my pre-conceived notions. it's because of the evidence. i hope the feds and the state levels can reach that same conclusion. professor, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> now when we come back, paul ryan has the new republican budget plan. they say it's to balance the budget, but i'm going to show you without no doubt whatsoever that is not the goal. the goal is to move all the money to the rich. come back for that. >> here is the dial. take away the tax shelter for the income individual and you get more of their income subject to taxation and you can lower
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like lobster lover's dream i'm laura mclennan and i sea food differently. pure friendship. pure delicious chocolate. pure hershey's. ♪ >> announcement of a plan and i want to you pay special attention to what he says. >> the president and his party are ignoring this problem. if we have a debt crisis, the people who get hurt the first and the worse are the poor and the elderly. this is a path that reignites and renews the american idea, and includes a safety net which
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we do believe must exist for people who cannot help themselves for people who are down on their luck so they can get back on their feet but we don't want to turn the safety net into a hammock that lulls abled people into their complacency. >> i love those euphemisms. you know what he's saying? i want to help the poor by taking all the money away from the poor because i don't want to lull them into a false sense of claycomplacency. these are hard occur numbers from their budget. he cut $770 billion from medicaid and health programs for the poor. $205 billion from medicare. $1.6 trillion from healthcare programs. you see how he's helping you throughout all this.
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and 1.9 from food stamps, welfare, and federal employee pensions. you work for those pensions, i don't want to give a false sense of complacency. i want to steal your pension. how much do these add up to be? $5.3 trillion in cuts. he had to burn the village to save the village. he's doing it so he could balance the budget. that's just a hardcore reality but he has tax cuts in this proposal. if you balance the budget, why do you have tax cuts? do you know how much the tax cuts are? $4.3 trillion. you see that nice little bit of math. he takes from the middle class and poor and gives to the richest people in the country. in fact, do you know what this does to the deficit? it creates a 4 trillion-dollar deficit. i thought you were going to balance the budget. what are you going to do, paul ryan, i thought you were a
3:19 am
budget whiz. that is not intention. his intention and the intention of the entire republican party is to steal from the middle class and to give it to the rich. the corporate rates get cut, of course. he allows corporations to hide money offshore. he lowers the top rate from 35% to 25%. who does that help? the rich! of course! now, that's not all. get a load of this irony. it turns out the guy says i don't want to lull you knew a kneeling of complacency and put you in a hammock. get a load of this quote. with his father's passing young paul collected social security benefits until age 18, which he put away for college. now wait a minute. i thought that money was outrageous and was going to make you weak and lazy. turns out paul ryan took social security when he was young and he paid for his college with it.
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so when it goes to you when it's a government program that goes to you that's fantastic. when it helps poor people and other people, no, no, that's no good. burn the bridge behind you and take the money and give it to the rich. this plan is atrocious and its designed by the republican people who take the money to finance their campaigns. the very very rich and their corporations. we'll go to michael hirsh. he wrote this piece for the national journal and the atlantic. you have a slightly different theory than me. michael, talk about that. >> i think this is mainly paul ryan's audition for the 2016 g.o.p. presidential nomination. in the sense that the tea party continues to have an iron grip on the ideology of the
3:21 am
republican party. i don't disagree with your analysis in terms of the inequity of the plan, but let me add a couple of numbers in addition to that. this plan would effectively eliminate almost all of government besides social security medicaid, medicare, insurance for children and interest payments. even with those programs reduced, what it calls for is essentially everything else in government being cut to 3- 3.75%. you would eliminate all of american government apart from defense and those programs i just mentioned. education spending, research, highways, all the things that we've grown used to in terms of the government investing in america's future would go under this plan. this is very much the tea party agenda. >> whether this is the tea party agenda or they're being
3:22 am
manipulated by the rich to serve that agenda, we see the same result. people take this seriously in washington. well, that's one side, and then the democrats with the other side. but in reality this is not a plan to balance the budget, no one should ever call it that. one other example that have he keeps a $40 billion oil subsidy. if you're a free market guy why are you giving subsidies to the most profitable companies in the entire world and how do you justify that as deficit cut? >> cenk republican ideology is zeros and ones. it consists of two things one to, reduce taxes on the richest and on the corporations on the theory the supply side theory that we've been hearing about since the reagan years that they are at job creators. they are the entrepreneurs they're the ones who are going to help america grow. then the other side of the
3:23 am
ideology is cut government to nothing. we're seeing an extreme example of this. this ask reaganism cubed here. this is beyond anything they've ever done before. i think paul ryan is vying to take up the banner that now being disputed so hotly in the republican primary with no one really gaining favoritism. you know, we're about to have a republican nominee mitt romney who no one in the base particularly likes. >> in fact, that leads to some speculator that paul ryan's ambitions may be earlier than that. he may be the vice president pick in 2012. if mitt romney is going to pick a guy who is going to be a pro corporation guy, pro rich guy paul paul does fit the bill. and the irony of him taking the social security money and gaining opportunity with that and then burning the bridge afterwards is painful to watch. michael, you've been great. i love the fact thats that you
3:24 am
brought in, i appreciate you joining us. >> thank you cenk, for having me. >> when we come back top corporations like g.e. we're here to help small business. is that right? we'll take a look at their taxes and tell you who they're actually helping. >> we believe in the strength of american businesses. g.e. capital understands what small businesses need to grow. visit
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bill press joins current's new morning news block. >> i know this stuff, and i love it. and i try to bring that to the show.
3:27 am
>> corporations are people my friend. if we can raise taxes--of course they are. everything that corporations earn ultimately go to people. where do you think it goes? >> corporations are fuzzy warm crew tears. they're human beings. they love me. they would never twist the system in their favor. of the largest corporations in the country they call it the dirty 30 for good reason. let me tell you the amount of money that these corporations have made and they've made $164 billion from 2008 to 2010. now there is nothing wrong with that. great, you made a lot of money fantastic, no problem whatsoever. here is the issue. do you know how much taxes they made on that? not only did they pay no taxes they got $10.6 billion tax rebate. we gave them $10 billion. thank you so much for making $164 billion. here's an extra $10 billion on
3:28 am
top from the american taxpayers pocket. when you include the tax loopholes they took advantage of and the taxes they would have had to pay if they just paid the normal rate of 35% overall they saved $68 billion in taxes. $68 billion. okay. now, meanwhile of course the republicans tell us that they have not paid enough taxes. i'm sorry that they pay too much taxes. before i tell you about that, let me just tell you how much that costs every one of us. do you know that if they had just paid their taxes and then paid the $68 billion and they didn't, so how much did it come out of our pocket? the conclusion is $481 for every person in the country. $481 that we had to pay out of their--our pocket because they didn't. this is what happens, of course, when you have the entire republican party, a lot of democratic party and the whole government behind you.
3:29 am
in fact, you look at the republicans? here is what republicans say about this level of taxation, it's too much. >> to have higher tax rates in the u.s. than other countries around the world. >> we cut first the corporate tax in half. 17.5% is the largest tax. it's the highest tax in the world. >> the corporate tax rate in minnesota and the country is too high, and one of the things that they could and should do-- >> you think it's too high with bank of america paying nothing. >> you'll see me talk about changes in the corporate tax structure. >> arch cole made $42 million. >> i'm opposed to tax increases. >> no tax increases. we must protect the corporations. sometimes they pay zero--still too high. g.e. is one of those corporations that gets money back. but in their ads they're so friendly to small business.
3:30 am
>> g.e. capital understand what small businesses need to grow and create jobs. today over 300,000 businesses rely on g.e. capital for the finances they need to help get the economy back on track. >> america renewal is happening right now. >> oh, they're all doing this for small business except in reality how do they get all those tax rebates? by buying the government officials who then give them an enormous advantage to big business so they can help crush small business. so how much do they do that? they spend $467 million on lobbying. they spent $41 million in actual political campaign contributions to buy those politicians. they--this is just the top 30 corporations we're talking about. they did such a thorough job that they gave money to 98% of the people in congress.
3:31 am
98% of current congress members receive "dirty 30" money. if you give $500 million to congressmen and you get $68 billion in return, that's an awesome return on investment. american politicians the best investment there is. so now we want to bring in dan smith, the tax and budget associate at the u.s. public interest research group who looked at these numbers and gave us this analysis. great to have you on the show. >> thanks for having me cenk. >> now this looks pretty damning. [chuckling] of course the republicans and the corporations will say oh, no but these were important subsidies, and we needed it for this and for that, and it's actually really helping the country. what do you think of that? >> what i think we found with this report is that corporate influence is on full display
3:32 am
when it comes to our tax code. you know, polling has shown that twotwo-thirds of the american public thinks that corporations pay too little towards taxes yet congress has not even taken votes to close even the most egregious tax loopholes. what we found that the corporations left nothing to chance by contribute to go 98% of members of congress, like you said both parties and really especially targeting the members of the tax members of committees. >> do they give more to one party than another? >> what we found across the board they really give to both parties, the leadership of both parties as well as the tax writing committees in both house. we did not find a political party to be a major distinction here. >> i'm curious who the 2% are? who did they leave out
3:33 am
saunders? >> that's a good question. on the senate night maria cantwell was a finance member committee, she was the only member not to take "dirty 30" money. >> we found one. you know when the greek guy goes around looking for the one honest person. good luck in washington but we found one--mind you that's just the 30 corporations you focused on. other people say you focus on 30 corporations but there are many more and they have the highest tax rates in the world. is that true? or are their taxes impacted much lower? >> when we started this study for citizens for tax justice we looked at a broader sample of a set of 280 corporations that made up the bulk of the profitable fortune 500 over those three years. and we found that if you look at all of those 280 profitable
3:34 am
companies on average their effective tax rate was 18.6% which is half of the 35%. like you said, when corporations don't pay whether you're a small business or you're an ordinary taxpayer you end up footing the bill for the infrastructure in this country our education system, all businesses large and small thrive, the burden is shifted to the ordinary tax payer. >> of course. that's why they proposed a budget that cuts 5 trillion-dollar to all of us so they can pay another corporations in the tax breaks that they want. dan smith great job on this report. really, really appreciate it. >> thanks for having me, cenk. >> when we come back, there is another important endorsement in the presidential race, so is it over? >> no rally.
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no big event. a relief stay tuned for the answer. brought to you by the 2012 fiat 500. visit
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♪ >> the power panel. michael shure, our epics politics man joins us for his astute political analysis as you does elise foley because
3:38 am
yesterday bush has an endorsement. michael shure. >> huge relevance and huge endorsement. the fact that you have one of the major players in the so-called republican establishments saying this is what we got, 34 states are done. here is the person we're going to be nominating and we got to get behind him passionless but important nonetheless. >> i believe that was overstated, and he seems embarrassed that he did not do it on video but sent out a release. >> i think he is right. it is relevant, for sure, and it will be helpful but i agree it's it wasn't a huge ringing endorsement. i believe he said he wasn't planning to campaign with him which is not very helpful in the end. but i think one thing that it could help with is possibly held up the hispanic boat.
3:39 am
yesterday bush has a lot of benefits. it's helpful to have someone who the establishment-well-liked behind him. >> here is the problem. if it came with money because karl rove's money is sitting on the side line, then it would have more relevance. >> this is a conversation changer. >> it doesn't change the conversation. >> what it's say something that something--these people are starting to fall into line. >> the voters in louisiana-- >> that's what i'm going to say then four days later we have louisiana and rick santorum winning there. it's not all of a sudden you've been crowned the nominee. it does say that people are talking seriously about this candidate. serious people are talking about it. >> serious people are not as relevant as they used to be. now seeing that it's a conversation changer we move on to etch a sketch. romney goes on and says, don't
3:40 am
worry about the primaries. it's like an etch-a-sketch. we shake it up and start all over. howdy sasshow disastrous a comment was that? >> on a scale of 1 to 10, i would say probably at least an 8. this is pretty embarrassing thing to say. something that is too easy of a sound byte. everybody will go after him. vote necessary louisiana don't really care what campaign spokesmen say on tv but they will notice when all the other candidates say look, this is proof he has no core conviction. >> you know, i'm going to double down on what elise is saying allalready you see newt gringrich and santorum with etch a he etch-a-sketches. he looks pretty devastated. >> rick santorum makes all his
3:41 am
mistakes going into the primary. and mitt romney's mistakes come coming out of the primary. they're going to spend the next few days having to deal with this etch a stretch thing. >> i'm not sure its just the next few days. i think this is damaging. the campaign is saying we don't mean anything we say. we promise you all this right wing stuff we're going to shake it up and we're not going to do any of this. >> they may not be talking about it a week from a today but maybe three or four months from today. >> you're on to something to keep it real. of course every candidate does this. they're not stupid enough to prevent it. it's not as if president obama didn't say to the progressives, oh super progressives and then said not quite as much. >> it's something that everybody does but with romney who already has the reputation of being a flip flopper and saying whatever people want him to say is really is completely the worse thing
3:42 am
you can say. you don't want to be out there and saying you're just an etch-a-sketch candidate who will shake up, erase all your old opinions and put in new ones. >> any time you reinforce the stereotype, which this one does, it's bad. >> totally agreed. etch-a-sketch, very damaging. yesterday bush not very helpful. sorry, michael. michael and elise it's been great. when woe we come back, we tackle some important topics, including how unpopular is calista gingrich. >> he gets in and out of more sand traps than anyone i have
3:43 am
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>> all right we're back. we're going to discuss our favorite stories of the day. my comes from the notorious drug leaders in the world and
3:46 am
basically getting in all of our president's faces. i count have gotten so stinking rich without gorge bush, ronald reagan and even el president obama. none of them have the cajones to stand up to all the big money. gracias, i owe you my empire to you. he's worth over $1 billion and plates 701 on richest people of the world list. you're idiots with the war on drugs. you're just making me richest. >> it's embarrassing to be laughed at by the leader of a drug cartel in mexico. >> i thought we were winning the war. come to find out we were not
3:47 am
winning. >> janetthey will say that welfare been successful. >> does anyone in the world think we're going to win the war on drugs if you do, good luck. give me a date. may 17, 2014, we've got it on lockdown. of course not. we're not been to win it. anna what is your story? >> there is this new political action committee called she-pac and they want to endorse principled republican candidates in office. as a way to raise money they've decided to attack bill maher. >> speaking of women. it's not because they have breasts. it's because they have boobs. >> that's not sexist. >> i would like to announce a donation to the obama super pac. >> the reason why i love that
3:48 am
story so much is because first of all they're pathetic enough to attack a comedian who is supposedly saying horrible things about women. what about people in their own party who are saying unspeakable things about women. that's okay. >> i don't know what it takes to get through their thick head. one is a comedian that tells jokes. the others, like the republicans legislature pass laws, and they take away women's rights reproductive rights and rights to fair pay. the right that they can't understand--like you said earlier ana i don't believe it's women behind she pac. i believe it's billionaire donors like it is for all the politicians. >> we did do a little bit of research.
3:49 am
we found out the few people who are behind this pac there is suzanne carol the only woman elected statewide in louisiana history and a bunch of sarah palin supporters who are deceived into thinking that republicans are looking out for them. jayar, your favorite story. >> as you know, all these politicians use their wives on the trail and also we saw newt gringrich's point about first ladies. it makes you wonder which first ladies are potential first ladies and are liked people in the country. of course michelle obama has a high rating. but ann romney has an unfavorable rating of 31-22. >> that's not bad. >> it's name recognition.
3:50 am
>> no question. how is callista doing? >> bringing up the rear, callista gingrich, she's working 18 favorable to 44 unfavorable rating. >> that's devastatingly bad. >> is it because she's married to newt gringrich? people don't like him that much, but in reality it might be because we're scared of her. let's see. >> i'd like to share a few things about him that you may be surprised to hear. >> this is a stunningly-- [laughter] >> have many of us forgotten why america is an exceptional nation. >> from our family to yours merry christmas and happy new year. i'm callista gingrich. [applause]
3:51 am
>> real quick why do people dislike her the most welcome a, she's a robot. two, she scarce a lot of people. >> he likes her because she's scary. >> i think that's true. callista and i agree. thank you, guys. when we come back, we're going to talk about the million hoodie march. we took some pictures in hoodies. i'm scrolling i'm scooting up all right. that's rick. that's tom they look dangerous. look at all these folks. we're doing a million hoodie march in new york. let's show you. oh that guy. visit
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>>me and stephanie miller in the morning ... what a way to start the day. vv
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